The Elemental Emissary Program is a way to share with those inspired to become more involved in Element Music Festival. We are now offering a program for Elemental Emissaries to be rewarded for their part of creating a more joyful collective experience.

  Once your Application Form has been approved you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a Promotional Code giving you access to an Emissary Ticket (Early Bird price). After your ticket purchase is confirmed with us we will send you a personal Promo Code. The use of this code is recorded in the ticket website every time it is added to the purchase of an Adult Weekend Pass. The ticket purchaser that utilizes your code will receive $25 off their Adult Weekend Pass. Pass includes 4 days of live music, RV/car/tent camping, and a BYOB wristband. The Elemental Emissaries are credited $25 each time their code is added to the purchase of an Adult Weekend Pass. Credited amount will be rewarded within two weeks upon completion of the event.

  This is a mission from Existence. You are Existence experiencing itself. Therefore, Existence wants you to give others an opportunity to experience their Element.

*BYOB wrist bands are given at the Box Office (2 pieces of valid ID required) allowing participants to enjoy their own refreshments on festival grounds
*If you already purchased a ticket – please state in submission form
*Personal Promo Codes are ONLY valid with the purchase of a regular priced Adult Weekend Pass
*Please review the Information Page and fill out the EEP Application Form to become an Elemental Emissary